H15 filum gutta Fibulae

Productum notitia;

Anchor clamp H15, also called flat cable clamp or drop wire clamp, is intended to be used with round drop cables or flat ADSS and FTTH cables in fiber optic to home. Compared to ODWAC-22 clamp, this fiber optic cable clamp has a hook, which simplify the installation process on allows installations of closed drive hooks, pole brackets and other drop wire fittings and hardware.

Drop tension clamp is equipped with double side wedge, for round and for Fiber Optic Cables accordingly.

Fibulae stillabunt H15 UV resistant polymer quod factum est galvanized ferro hamo.

All related to aerial FTTH cable line construction products such as drop cable clamps, optical termination boxes etc are avaliable in Jera’s product range.

FTTH clamp H15 can be supplied either separately or together as assembly with other needed FTTH cable fittings.

Technical specification:



 Optio magnitudine, mm


 Longitudo: mm

 Pondere, kg


per 2-4

plana (5-8) * II




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Alius filum gutta iuncturas praeparavit optica fibra ad esse potest facile colligunt usque ad mechanica ex diametro repugnant et stridorque rudentum, filum a nuntius. Fluent ad ancoras iuncturas praeparavit filum potest installed a mortuis, finis, duplex mortuus ending funem network iter itineris. Opticus stilla alimentorum fibra funem iuncturas praeparavit consilio concedit onus sustinere non sufficient ad funem lapsus ac iacturae suscipit.

Cetus omnes Transierunt autem probat distrahentes, operatio et usus vndique a temperaturis - ad XXX ° F test L ° C, temperatus revolutio test, senescit test, corrosio resistentia test etc.


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