Fibulae filum gutta-XXII ODWAC

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Drop wire clamps, also called flat cable clamps or ftth tension clamp can be used with telephone drop wire cable, and optical fiber cable in FTTH, FTTX, FTTB solutions. Jera’s drop wire clamps mostly used in telecommunication.

Fibulae stillabunt tensio perforatum shim indutus sit, quod crescat onus tensio in filum gutta.

The stainless steel wire bail allows installations of ODWAC aerial cable clamp on the buildings, poles, strand with drive hooks, pole brackets, SS hooks and other drop wire fittings and hardware. That can be supplied either separately or together as assembly with FTTH-CLAMP.

Drop wire anchoring clamps and drop wire mounting fittings are available in Jera’s product range. Fiber Optic Cable Clamps are easily to be pick up according to mechanical resistance and diameter of  FTTH Fiber Optic Cable.

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Cetus omnes qui distrahentes Transierunt probat, cum temperaturis usus operatio vndique a - LX LX ° C ad F test, temperatus revolutio test, senescit test, corrosio resistentia test etc.



Et posuit in installation scriptor crusta absque fibulationibus visibilibus in aeria stilla filum funem. Pars optica fibra tensio ponere super Fibulae sive telephono funemque embossing erexit, contra funem. In inserere cuneis dicitur. Filum super filum gutta hamo, et in ballium install fixate dicitur.

Materia: Aluminium vel immaculatam ferro filum gutta Fibulae in corpus et deficiunt vadia filum

Fluent ad ancoras iuncturas praeparavit filum potest installed a mortuis, finis, duplex mortuus ending funem network iter itineris.

Opticus stilla alimentorum fibra funem iuncturas praeparavit consilio concedit onus sustinere non sufficient ad funem lapsus ac iacturae suscipit.

Aliquam ferro materias autem praestet diu usus. Immaculatam ferro aut plastic shims plena sunt available.

As FTTH clamp factory Jera is able to produce this ODWAC: elit fibulis from metal and aluminum, upon the request from customer. We also have appropriate for ODWAC, FTTH pole accessories.

Drop clamps and optical fiber cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.



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