Low Voltage ABC Clamp, PA-161

Product information:

Low Voltage ABC Clamp PA-161, LV ABC bolted сlamps designed to anchor insulated service line with 2 or 4 conductors in self-supporting low voltage ABC airdac cable.

Key features:

1. Self opening feature is realized by springs that keep the clamp in open position during the installation.

2. Metal hanger allows installations with the LV ABC hooks.

3. Made of: galvanized metal parts, aluminum parts, fiberglass reinforced plastic, corrosion resistant hardware

4. Low Voltage tension clamps and OHL tension hooks are available either separately or together as assembly.

Technical specification:

Product code Cable size, mm2 MBL, kN Weight. kg Material
PA-161 2-4 x (16 – 35) 8 0.175 aluminum alloy
plastic wedges

Analogs: SM-161, LA-2, STC, PA 25, GUKp2, GUKp4, HEL-5505-B

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