Low voltage ABC hook, CF-16

Product information:

Low voltage ABC hook, OHL Tension Bracket CF-16 installed in OHL LV-ABC line to fix tension clamp or suspension clamp.

Key features:

1. Developed to be used on wooden, metal or concrete poles.

2. Installed by 2 stainless steel strap (20 mm) or 6 screws or bolts.

3. Hook brackets for LV-ABC line is made of hot dip galvanized steel

4. The assembly have passed the voltage tests, tension test.

5. Hook brackets meets the criteria of NF C 33042 and EN 50-483

Technical specification:


Product code MBL, kN Weight, kg Material
CF-16 18 0.690 hot-dip galvanized steel

Analogs: HEL-5661, SOT29.10, SOT39

Product Detail



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