Low Voltage Cable Fuse Holder, DCPTAU

Product information:

Low voltage cable fuse is applicable for LV-ABC lines with insulated conductors, suitable for insulated aluminum conductors in installation of service line system, street lightning, buildings.

Key features:

1. The fuse is of separable design, which includes the housing, spring and contact elements.

2. Connection to the main line is carried out using a insulation piercing connector.

3. Work of electrical contact achieved by compression the conductor wire in the socket with copper cup.

4. The fuse can be Installed on service line and allows disconnection under load up to 63 A.

5. Fuse cartridges from 2 to 63A. Connector is made of weather and UV resistant plastic, waterproofed.

Technical specification:

Product code Main line, mm2 Branch line, mm2 Max load (A) Nominal voltage (V)
DCPTAU 25 2,5-16 63 500

This LV ABC  cable fuse holder conform to factory standard and low voltage cable products test scope.

Product Detail

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