Low Voltage Cable Suspension Clamp, PS-270

Product information:

LV ABC suspension clamp PS-270 designed for the suspension of 2 or 4- core LV ABC systems to towers poles or walls, for angles up to 30°.


Key Features:

1. Assists linesmen by hanging the LV-ABC in open position, and allow quick installation by tightening the fastener without any tools.

2. Stainless steel clip protect the clamp and allows easy installations with the standard LV ABC hooks, pigtails, brackets.

3. PS-270 suspension clamp and attachments are available either separately or together as assembly.

4. Materials:  weather and UV resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic parts, corrosion resistant hardware, stainless steel clip.


Technical specification:

Product code Cable size, mm² MBL, kN
PS-270 2-4 x (25 – 120) 7

Product Analogs: SO-270, USC, PSP-25/120, Z 2050


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