Low Voltage Tension Clamp, PA-455

Product information:

Low Voltage Tension Clamp, PA-455 designed to anchor self-supporting LV- ABC lines from 2 to 4 cores of airdac cable, in LV insulated overhead systems.

Key features:

1. Anchor clamp PA-455 has self-adjusting wedges.

2, Self opening feature is realized by springs that keep the clamp in open position during the installation.

3. Shear head nut with torque 35 Nm guarantee ultimate fixation and end user convenience.

4. The construction of Bolted clamp allows installations with the LV ABC hooks.

5. Low voltage cable tension clamps and LV ABC hooks are available either separately or together as assembly.

6. Materials:  galvanized metal parts, fiberglass reinforced plastic, corrosion resistant hardware, high strength corrosion resistant aluminum.

Technical specification: 

Product code

Cable size, mm2


Torque, Nm


2-4 x (50 – 150)





Analogs: NES-B3, SO274S, TC, GUKo1, GUKo2, HEL-5505, HEL-5506, RPA 425/50

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