LV ABC Suspension Clamp, SHC

Product information:

Suspension clamps SHC designed to suspend Low Voltage ABC cable during construction of electrical power line.

The clamp consists of plastic insert, which clamp the optical cable without damaging.

A wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by wide product range, with different sizes of neoprene inserts.

The metal hook of SHC suspension clamp allows installation on the pole by using stainless steel band and pigtail hook or brackets.

The hook of Low voltage cable clamp can be produced form stainless steel materials according to you request.

Materials:  corrosion resistant aluminum part, high mechanical and climatic resistance thermoplastic materials.


Technical specification


Product code Cable size, sqm
SHC 1 4*(16-35)
SHC 2 4*(50-70)
SHC 3 4*(70-95)
SHC 4 4*(120-150)

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