Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lug, CLBIT-2-70-240

Product information:

Cable lug shear-off-head bolts, CLBIT-2-70-240 either called mechanical cable lug, was designed for connection the aluminum or copper wire to the electric circuit under voltage 1, 11kV. Shear-off-head bolts lugs applied in joints of power cable of non-insulated conductors.

Key Features:

1.Made of tin covered aluminum for copper and aluminum
2.Extended application size of electrical cables
3.Universal shape of input hole, for solid and stranded cables
4.Rapid installation by using hex key
5.Three zones of shearing off head bolt
6.Differential outer diameter size for solid protection after heat shrink
7.Inner jointing grease guarantee sustainable electrical contact
8.Excellent electrical stability

Technical specification:

Product code

Cable diameter, mm2

Size bolt, M/ hex size

No. of bolts

Available bolt materials

Applicable cables





Aluminum uncoated, tin coated, brass

Copper, Aluminum




Product analogs: Mechanical cable Lug CLB-V-70-120, CLB-V-150-240

Product Detail

Terminal Lug Shear Stud CLBIT-2-70-240 applied with aluminum and copper cables, stranded shaped, circular, and solid with cross section of cable line 70-240 mm2. Cable lug shear-off-head bolts provides excellent environmental protection and long life time duration.

Cable lug CLBIT-2-70-240 is made of high strength aluminum material. The bolts may be produced from brass, according to requirement. Application area is low voltage electrical power lines, underground electrical networks, buildings.

Shear-off-head bolts lugs and electrical cables jointing process does not require the compression tool with exact size. All required tension force is achieved by shearing off the head of bolt by hex key, which tighten the bolt. The shear bolt shears off when needed torque reached, which guarantee the stable electrical connection.

Terminal Lug Shear Stud is tin covered. Inner jointing grease guarantee sustainable electrical contact.

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