इन्सुलेशन छेदन कनेक्टर P2X-95

उत्पादनाची माहिती:

Low voltage insulation piercing connector P2X-95 can be installed with LV ABC conductors with insulated neutral messenger wire and  self-supporting cable system with insulated aluminum main and branch conductors up to 1000Vac (1000 V).

महत्वाची वैशिष्टे:

1. इन्सुलेशन छेदन कनेक्टर is very durable and easy for installation mostly in aerial bundled conductors lines, street lightning and buildings.

2. Material main conductor: Insulated aluminum conductor

3. Material branch conductor: Insulated aluminum conductor

4. Tooth surface protection: none

तांत्रिक तपशील:

प्रकार मुख्य ओळ, mm2 शाखा ओळ, mm2 टॉर्क, एन * x वजन किलो
P2X-95 16 - 95 2.5 - 35 13 0,130

Analogs: TTD 151 FJ, TTD 171 FJ, पी 640

Jera  insulation piercing connectors test method based on CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, DL/T 1190 – 2012, NFC 33-020, and we use followings standards test criteria in routine quality tests and in production, in order our clients can have products that conforms to standards.

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