• CommScope, getting 5G internet ready, spends $5.7B for Arris
    Post time: Nov-10-2018

    Telecommunication product brand CommScope paid $5.7 B for company Arris International. The Arris will prepare an entrance of 5G internet speed service to the market of wireless equipment. The Arris produces wireless modems and related to wireless industry products, including FTTH network products...Read more »

  • 5G telecommunication revolution test site Lesotho
    Post time: Nov-07-2018

    Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, or as it is called Kingdom in the Sky suddenly became a test site for mobile technology 5G, which should produce a worldwide translation in amusement, communications, transportation. The population of this country is only a little more than 2 million and of ...Read more »

  • Fiber optic cable can transmit qubits
    Post time: Nov-05-2018

    Physicists have learned to transmit qubits by fiber optic cable. A group of researchers from the Netherlands has made significant progress in this area and was able to use for the transmission of qubits by fiber optic cable. All the potential advantages of quantum computers and quantum informatio...Read more »

  • No FTTH soon, growth of Internet has slowed in the past 3 years
    Post time: Nov-02-2018

    The pace of Internet access in the world has fallen sharply, according to the report of the international non-profit organization Web Foundation, engaged in the development and accessibility of the Global network. Excerpts from the study, based on UN data, published the guardian. Web Foundation e...Read more »

  • Quantum network for unhackable optic fiber communications
    Post time: Oct-31-2018

    Since quantity of hacks attacks, security breaches dramatically increasing, scientists declared that there is a possible way to create an unhackable fiber cable optic network using the laws of quantum mechanics (quantum physics). Such communication network uses bizarre laws of quantum physics, wh...Read more »

  • New fiber optic core increases an Internet speed by 100 times
    Post time: Oct-29-2018

    A scientists group from the RMIT has improved the fiber-optic data transmittance technology using “swirling light”, reports one of the most read daily Newspapers in the UK The Guardian. Fiber optic cables transmit information in light pulses form. “Swirling light” is a lig...Read more »

  • Fiber optic cable built by Google & Orange for USA and France
    Post time: Oct-27-2018

    Fiber optic cable of 6,600km, under sea will open in 2020. Orange Telecoms has collaborated with Google on this project of private undersea fiber cable. Optical cable will connect the Atlantic coasts of France and the USA. Google will do 1/7 part of it in next 2 years. North Virginian Belgian and...Read more »

  • Fiber optics offered by British providers to 3 million of homes
    Post time: Oct-26-2018

    Under a study analytical company IHS Markit, the United Kingdom ranks third from the end (among European countries) by the number of optical connections. Slow Internet in rural areas is another problem. England’s providers thought, how to fix this “bad Internet” situation. Briti...Read more »

  • Cable industry, 139th birthday
    Post time: Oct-25-2018

    On October 25, Russian cable industry workers celebrate their professional holiday. This holiday is connected with one event that took place on October 25, 1879. On this day, engineer Mr. Siemens from German electric company “Siemens & Halske” was issued a certificate authorizing ...Read more »

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