Post time: Apr-20-2020

    We are happy to announce that Jera’s Insulated cable lug ICL-16-95 have passed the test of EN 50483-4 & 5 which included Climatic aging testing (UV-radiation)、Mechanical testing、Low temperature assembly testing and Electrical ageing testing. They are all important factors that must be consi...Read more »

  • Universal FTTH fiber optic distribution box
    Post time: Apr-07-2020

    Jera is a growing and innovative company, while we providing customers with reliable products, we also spend much time and energy to develop new products to accord with the market and satisfy customer’s different requirements. We offer the most convenient and efficient boxes to our customers, and...Read more »

  • Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
    Post time: Feb-17-2020

    Dear Customers, under the current circumstances, we have resumed our production in a very low speed at this time. We will improve the productivity gradually, however becasue of new type of virus there are some restrictions for other place workmates to come. We are helping do not allow the coronav...Read more »

  • New electric storage system can reduce our expenses
    Post time: Jan-10-2020

    Our life cannot live without electricity, each electric appliance needs electricity to run normally. Especially in summer and winter, we need air condition to adjust room temperature and this is the peak time for electricity consumption. The researchers from National Laboratory of Oak Ridge y pro...Read more »

  • New Indoor FODB for FTTH deployment
    Post time: Jan-08-2020

    Jera has researched plenty of designs of fiber optic distribution boxes, we offer the most convenient and cost efficient boxes for FTTX solution. We have launched a production of indoor fiber optic distribution box for our customers. This box was designed to terminate feeding transit optical cabl...Read more »

  • The costs of fiber optic cable deployment may be decreased
    Post time: Dec-27-2019

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have developed a new type of inline optical fiber amplifier that could potentially double the information-carrying capacity of fiber-optic cables. The team built a custom optical fiber that suppressed lasing at 1,064 nm and amplified light...Read more »

  • Russia and USA’s cable system for light signal transmitting
    Post time: Dec-18-2019

    Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have partnered up with engineers from Corning Inc., U.S., and T8, Russia, and developed a system for high-throughput data transfer over great distances without the need for signal repeating along the way. Systems of this kind could b...Read more »

  • Light is able to travel through wood fiber
    Post time: Dec-12-2019

    A research team at Finland’s VTT Technical Research Center has demonstrated optical fibers made of cellulose—in essence, waveguides from wood.While the resulting, rather lossy fibers are unlikely to find a home in mainstream fiber domains like telecom, the researchers believe that they could ulti...Read more »

  • Tracking power generation
    Post time: Dec-04-2019

    A team of researchers at Stanford University has found a way to track how much electricity is generated and used on an hourly basis.The group describes their method and how it can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this new effort, the researchers accessed publicly available databases...Read more »

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