5G network can pause Wi-Fi era

Long time, the speed of data transfer via Wi-Fi was higher than when using a mobile connection. This is why all smartphones have the ability to automatically switch to Wi-Fi if there is an available Wi-Fi signal next to the device.

However, the British company OpenSignal, specializing in assessing the quality of wireless communication, found that the situation has changed, and it’s time to abandon the usual stereotypes. Measurements in 80 countries of the world showed that in 33 of them (that is, in 41% of cases) the speed of Internet access in mobile networks is already higher than in Wi-Fi.

The researchers believe that with the transition to 5G the trend will increase, and countries with faster mobile Internet will become even more.

Also, a further increase in the speed gap between the two types of communication is expected.

Experts recommend mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers to review their Wi-Fi strategy, especially in terms of using techniques such as reducing the load of mobile networks due to Wi-Fi, automatic switching to Wi-Fi and deployment of Wi-Fi networks for indoor communication. This is to prevent users from accidentally switching to a slower Wi-Fi connection instead of a mobile network.

Given the results, OpenSignal believes that with the introduction of 5G, the speed advantage of mobile over Wi-Fi will only grow. This is mainly due to the high rate of innovation in the cellular industry, as well as the dependence of Wi-Fi on wired broadband infrastructure, the modernization of which through the construction of fiber optic networks requires more time and money.



Post time: Jan-10-2019
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