5G telecommunication revolution test site Lesotho

Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, or as it is called Kingdom in the Sky suddenly became a test site for mobile technology 5G, which should produce a worldwide translation in amusement, communications, transportation.

The population of this country is only a little more than 2 million and of this number more than 500 workers at the Central office of the Central Bank of Lesotho and the diamond mining enterprise Letseng in Maseru are using one of the world’s first commercial 5g networks on the long-awaited 3.5 GHz spectrum.

The regional branch of Vodafone has created a network at speeds of up to 700 mbit/s, which is likely in the future will enable the development of reliable technology for radio-controlled cars.

This Africa’s first network makes it clear that subscribers on the mainland could avoid the need for expensive fiber optic cables instead of “jumping”

5G internet

Post time: Nov-07-2018
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