BECCS power generation for China

From the school we know us that plants convert CO2 into oxygen and organic carbon by photosynthesis. Then carbon could be returned to energy by fire or fermentation, through its production of ethanol, which created in gasification process. CO2 becomes carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. The researchers discovered a process of transforming biomass into energy with capturing the waste CO2.

It’s known as negative carbon power or BECCS (bioenergy carbon capture, storage). Negative carbon power (BECCS) demands huge area of land to grow the plants, so its not efficient because you may harm the food and water consumption of earth.

However, by adding 35% of biofuel to coal and gasify the mixture, there will be a pure hydrogen. Costs of electricity would be no more than 9.2 cents per kilowatt hour. Such method may be reasonable to apply in China with carbon price of USD 52 per ton.

We hope that this step will improve the electrical distribution clamp demand.


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Post time: May-20-2019
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