China came to the world market with stainless steel 0.02 mm thick

Jera Line actively uses stainless steel in the production of drop wire clamp and stainless-steel band for overhead attachments. In this regard, we carefully follow the news, developments in this market.
TISCO company in Taiyuan city, China’s Shanxi province has developed stainless steel with 0.002 сm thickness (steel with less than 0.005 сm is called foil), which is exactly a fourth part of A4 sheet’s paper thickness. This allowed to bring this foil production technology to the leading level in the world. Such super thin foil is mainly used in aircraft, petrochemical industries, electronic, household appliances, automobile, computing machine, other fields. Before that, Germany and Japan were monopolists in the production of such material because of the difficulty of manufacturing technique’s management. The first batch of new steel foil in August 2018 was sent from Taiyuan to Germany.
Now TISCO cooperates with many enterprises and is ready to apply the technology in various spheres as an example:
• hydrogenous fuel cell of a car;
• elastic solar photovoltaic power generation;
• in ocean research;
• new lithium battery coating.


Post time: Jan-21-2019
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