China will dominate the US in fibre technology of broadband race

China will dominate the US in gigabit broadband race. US is also behind the Europe.

A new research from Rethink Technology expects 57% of gigabit fiber networks by 2023 will be in China, or 68 % if count an Asia in total. 18% will be taken by Europe. 11% by North America and 3% for Latin America.

More than 42% of Chinese people (1.4 billion population) will have access to 1Gbps services thanks to China Mobile. While North America’s has only 364 million people.

China and most of the world are using fibre technology, while the US is expected to use DOCSIS 3.1.

US has small numbers of private broadband companies. This avoid competing with US monopolies. However China’s has state-owned telecoms industry, such companies like China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom – are focused by government on providing internet broadband as fast as possible, to as many as possible.

Fibre optic cable based networks and fiber technologies will be increasing the speed of existing infrastructure, and will quickly become obsolete.

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Post time: Jan-04-2019
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