Drop wire clamp, less installation costs in FTTH

We have launched a production of a new drop wire clamp for  FTTH fiber optic cable  to save your costs in FTTH cable installation.

FTTH drop wire clamp D3 other called FTTH clamp designed to tension or suspension FTTH fiber cable in outdoor fiber to the home solutions.

Key Features:

1. Universal closed / open hook installation

2. Perfectly match to Jera’s FTTH drop wire cable.

3. FTTH drop clamp has one piece format

4. Careful fixation of fiber cable by a loop

5. Appropriate fiber bending radius for ITU G.652D

6. No cable jacket damages

7. Excellent Environmental Stability

8. Indoor or outdoor FTTH network rapid installation

9. Competitive price

Technical specification: 

Product code

Cable specification, mm

Bending radius, mm



Round <4.0; Flat 2.0*3.0, 2.0*5.0






Product analogs: FST, ODWAC-22, ODWAC-15, D2, Fish-2

We produce FTTH fiber optic cables, drop wire clamps, hooks for FTTH construction, and has the whole kit of accessories for this need. FTTH clamps and others drop wire cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.

Feel free to inquire about this FTTH cable clamp price.

FTTH clamp

Post time: Dec-26-2018
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