Fiber amplifiers to secure quantum communication

Governments and companies around the world are developing the methods to secure the data of quantum communication. They want to integrate such unhackable communication networks to existing fiber-optic channels.

One of such opportunity was taken by USA researchers by noise generated of fiber amplifiers on current single-mode fiber networks. Usually in fiber optic cable are using once core of fiber, however they have being working how to use multi core for that purpose of securing data for co-propagation of classical and quantum signals,

The researches measured the noise between quantum and classical fiber channels, using fiber cable. They found that this approach supports 5 GHz spacing between wavelengths of 1537 nm and 1563 nm.

Such simple solution solves the problem of multiplexing of classical and quantum channels. Since, there is no need to introduce new components for the current communication networks.


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Post time: Mar-04-2019
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