Fiber has no future, FCC authorized SpaceX to launch 7518 satellites

SpaceX has been granted approval by the Federal Communications Commission to launch a further 7518 broadband satellites.
Earlier this year, SpaceX was permitted to launch 4425 low-orbit satellites for its global broadband ambitions. The company requested its next batch to be operated even closer to the ground.
SpaceX gave two key reasons for wanting to operate satellites in lower orbit:
• Performance – SpaceX claims that operating closer to ground will reduce latency and boost capacity. Latency could be just 25ms, similar to current fibre optic cable broadband.
• Reducing debris – SpaceX requested 1,584 of its latest satellites to be authorised for operation at 550 kilometers instead of the 1,110-1,325km of the others. Moving the satellites lower means they can get the same results with 16 fewer in orbit.
In addition to SpaceX’s satellites, the FCC also approved today similar systems developed by Kepler Communications, Telesat Canada, and LeoSat.


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Post time: Nov-23-2018
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