Fiber optic cable can transmit qubits

Physicists have learned to transmit qubits by fiber optic cable. A group of researchers from the Netherlands has made significant progress in this area and was able to use for the transmission of qubits by fiber optic cable.

All the potential advantages of quantum computers and quantum information network, have a significant drawback: a specific unit of information transmission (qubit), for which it is necessary to lay its own communication lines from scratch.

So, in the course of a number of studies, a group of scientists from the University of Groningen found a way to create qubits whose radiation is close to the wavelength of light, which allows you to transmit information using optical fiber core. In order to achieve such results, scientists have created special crystals of silicon carbide with molybdenum color centers. These centers were irradiated with lasers. After this action, the electrons on the outer shell of molybdenum atoms pass to a higher energy level, and returning back, emit energy in the form of a photon. Further, the experts used a method called Сoherent Рopulation Tharp (SRT), which allows you to create a superposition of atoms under the influence of two resonant optical fields. As a result of the above actions, it was possible to create a qubit in which a superposition is maintained for a long time and it emits photons of a certain wavelength.

According to Quantum Information, qubits created on the basis of the University transmit information at a wavelength of 1100 nanometers. At the same time, the most commonly used values of wavelengths for fiber optic networks are 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nanometers, but 1100 nanometers are used, unfortunately, very rarely. But according to experts, even this is a big breakthrough and they are close to creating qubits, ” working on the waves of 1300 and 1500 nanometers.»

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Fiber optic cable can transmit qubits

Post time: Nov-05-2018
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