Fiber optic cable (FOC) displaced by 5G?

Observers from one of the world’s largest financial institutions, operating in all major established and emerging markets, Citi GPS believe that in the futurity 5G technique may displace suppliers of cable Internet from the market.
With a high degree of probability 5G will substitute the cable Internet in large cities. This technology offers high speed data transfer – up to 10.000 Mbit / s. This is 10 times faster than a wired connection, and it does not need to solve problems with cable laying in the dense infrastructure of the metropolis.
As known one British company stacked fiber optic drop cables in the sewerage. It was 80% faster than classical methods. In turn, 5G eliminates this need to plant wires “on the ground”.
In America, the fight against cable Internet has already begun. The biggest danger to the broadband cable Internet access in the US is 5G services from two operators:
• T-Mobile – plan to win over next 6 years about ten million users of cable television and Internet.
• Verizon – already 2018, they plan to provide 5G for Los Angeles, Houston, Sacramento and Indianapolis residents. As a decoy, they want to use free Apple TV and YouTube TV. Verizon CEO Hans Westberg in one of his interviews said that soon everything will be wireless, and 5G-network will displace fiber optic cables.
We, Jera Line (, admit that for realization of 5G in city areas still have to solve a challenges, exactly, the coating problem. Because 5G uses high frequency range (28 GHz or faster) the signal is not passed over farthest distance and does not pass well through existing barriers. But some solution to this problem will not take long. As an option, special distributed antenna systems (DAS) are already being created.

Post time: Oct-08-2018
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