Quantum Theory: Fiber Optic Cable VS Nuclear Weapon

Quantum theory gave worlds two powers that influenced on life.

  • Fiber Optic cable with glass tubes, which work on the photon and light wave signal and provide internet by FTTH, GPON technologies.
  • Nuclear fusion for atomic weapons by W. Heisenberg

16th July 1945 the first nuke test was executed. From that time, and until the day of the opening for signature of CTBT in 1996, our planet was effected with more than two thousand atomic tests.

First time, the IDANT was held in 2010, and since then, various events (symposiums, exhibitions, information programs) are held annually on this day in different countries of the world.

The fundamental knowledge for building atomic weapons is based by Albert Einstein’s famous equation . But fortunately he is not only a founder of wrongly used inventions. The ideas and the knowledge of his lifework around the theory of the light and his theory of relativity was necessary to enable scientists to use fiber optic cable to transmit data all around the world.

At the end of this development Jera Line (https://jera-energy.com/) is proud to be a manufacturer that develops wide range of reliable fiber optical cable for overhead and underground fiber optic distribution routes.

Jera Line believes that human and ecological tragedy are undeniable reasons for the need to mark the international day against atomic tests.

We trust that the day will come when all nuclear weapons will be terminated, and humanity will research other peaceful benefits of Quantum Theory, like fiber optics.


Post time: Aug-29-2018
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