Fiber-optic communications revolution research

The scientists from the University of St Andrews have innovation in the measurement of light lasers, which could transform the forthcoming fiber-optic communications.

A highly sensitive and low-cost wavemeter was developed to measure the wavelength of light with unprecedented accuracy. Device will boost optical and quantum sensing technology, as the next generation of sensors, and data-carrying capacity of fiber optic network.

The technology is simple, the laser light passes through a short length of optical fiber, which scrambles the light into a pattern. This pattern can be seen on faulty analog televisions. The shape of the pattern changes with the wavelength (or color) of the laser and can be recorded on a digital camera.

The researches measured the wavelength at a precision of around one thousandth of the size of an individual electron and 100 times more precise than previously demonstrated. Such small variations of measurement in the laser wavelength is the equivalent to measuring the length of a football pitch with an accuracy equivalent to the size of one atom.

In future, the team from St Andrews hopes to demonstrate the use of quantum technology applications in space and on Earth, as well as to measure light scattering for biomedical studies in a new, inexpensive way.


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Post time: Mar-11-2019
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