Quantum network for unhackable optic fiber communications

Since quantity of hacks attacks, security breaches dramatically increasing, scientists declared that there is a possible way to create an unhackable fiber cable optic network using the laws of quantum mechanics (quantum physics).

Such communication network uses bizarre laws of quantum physics, which explain the relations of the smallest particles (photons, quarks).

Quantum Network between the U.S. Energy Department’s Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Acceleratory Laboratory will transmit a secured data information using quantum mechanics laws.

Unhackable Information will be teleported across a 30-mile distance, as particles change quantum states instantaneously, rather than traveling between two points.

Method of the quantum physics bind particles, and it is possible to link two (or more) particles so that they are in complex state and whatever happens to one affects the other, even if they are planetary system distance apart, at same the time. Its hard to imagine.

The optical fiber cables are still functional, scientists said. So there is no need to replace all the fiber optical lines and cables all over the world in case of mass technology success.

News Source: University of Chicago (https://phys.org/partners/university-of-chicago/)

Quantum network

Post time: Oct-31-2018
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