FTTH drop cable deployment

Production of FTTH drop cable assumes understanding of all the ways of its deployment. Each markets require different ways deployment culture. In European and USA markets, the deployment companies and their technical staff cares about guarantee accomplished deployment works and do their job accurate.

However, in some other markets such deployment subcontractors only gaining one-time profits. Do not use the required fiber optic distribution boxes with indicated IP level for outdoor usage.

As a result internet service providing companied facing lot of problems of break the network connections of some users, after simple rain or other weather conditions.

They faced a risk of breaking down the fiber optic cable.

Internet providing company pay additional cost of repairing of drop cable after initial deployment was accomplish. Why? Because of unprofessional job makers.

Make sure about companies whom are you working with. Does an installation works finish properly, with after service guarantee.

Jera line gives guarantee on produced fiber optic cable products (FTTH drop cable, drop cable clamps, drop cable boxes) and if the client have faced the problem of quality, we will compensate the losses.


Post time: Apr-01-2019
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