No FTTH soon, growth of Internet has slowed in the past 3 years

The pace of Internet access in the world has fallen sharply, according to the report of the international non-profit organization Web Foundation, engaged in the development and accessibility of the Global network. Excerpts from the study, based on UN data, published the guardian.

Web Foundation experts noted that in 2007 the number of online users in the world increased by 19%, but since 2015 the pace has significantly decreased, and in 2017 the growth was less than 6%.

However, most countries still show progress in terms of reducing the cost of the Internet. For example, in India, the cost of 1 GB of mobile traffic fell from 2.7% in 2016 to 1.5 percent in 2017 from the average monthly earnings of residents. In China, a Gigabyte of mobile Internet on average costs people 2.68 percent of wages (in 2016, the figure was 2.89 percent). The full list of countries is available here.

News Source: Alliance for Affordable Internet (


Post time: Nov-02-2018
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