Google’s air internet without fiber optics

American Corporation Google is negotiating the 4G-deployment with balloons instead of fiber optics in Uganda.

After one farmer from region Canterbury in New Zealand in 2013 became the first man who receive a Wlan joining in an air balloon via an aerial on his home, now Africa is becoming the most promising market for the Loon-brand-development. A similar draft was announced in Kenya two months ago.

Loon – is one Google-project, recently highlighted as separate business. Its essence is the placement of large air ball with equipment for receiving and transmitting 4G LTE Internet from satellites in hard-to-reach places. Residents are connected to the network via Wi-Fi.

The main development stages of the Loon-project:

  • 2011 – the first prototype was created, and tests began proving that “Internet from a balloon” idea works.
  • 2013 – the first balloon completes a 22-day journey around the world, covering 500 thousand kilometers. Many people who saw this ball, I took it for a UFO.
  • 2014 – the first prosperous LTE contact – one Brazilian school gained access to the network through a balloon.
  • 2016 – one balloon lasted 98 days in the airspace.
  • 2017 – ensured base communication with thousands of stricken people by inundation in Peru and with 200,000 people following hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico


Post time: Sep-05-2018
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