Huawei’s 5G equipment banned by Australia, under USA pressure

Huawei received from Australian authorities a ban for national 5G network construction. Australia became next country after US and UK, in which one of the world’s largest companies of telecom industry faced problems. Huawei Technologies regard this verdict unfair and policy-related, undermining the fair-trade principles.

Huawei Technologies Company was established in 1987 and Huawei’s solutions and products include:

• wireless networking equipment;
fiber optic cable equipment;
• network device (FTTH, xDSL, optical devices, routers, switches)
• hardware;
• terminals;
• consumer devices (smartphones, tablets).
Australian authorities denied business community and countrymen the right to choose the best telecommunications technologies accessible on the market today. The lack of competition will boost the expenses of building mobile networks and in long term will have a negative impact on Australia’s restructuring to the digital economy. Ultimately, businesses and consumers will suffer the most from the actions of the government – warned Chinese manufacturer.

Huawei securely ensured Australia wireless technologies for almost 15 years. Now they cannot supply 5G networks equipment for to Australian operators. Australian authorities attribute their actions to national security concerns, and to prevent the national 5G network from unsanctioned access or intrusion. In turn, Chinese vendor has repeatedly denied accusations of implication in espionage in favor of China.

Post time: Sep-03-2018
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