New option of insulated cable lug

In order to provide the most suitable cable jointing accessories for the purpose of termination and connection of transmission lines, jera has studied a huge variety of low voltage connectors.

Here we introduce our new Insulated cable lug which designed to attach low voltage power cable to electrical devices up to 1KV.

Key Features:

1.Suitable for aluminum and copper cables
2.LCL are made of aluminum tinned covered, filled by lubricate
3.Quick and easy installation compared to CPTAU
4.Waterproof design
5.Shearhead bolt torque, provide excellent strength
6.Tool free installation
7.Marked by color cap according to phase of electrical cable
8.Plastic shim locking system
9.Electrical resistant ribbon materials prevent the connection from short circuits
10.Competitive price


Feel free to inquire about this Insulated cable lug price.

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Post time: Dec-30-2019
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