Insulation piercing connector for solar power plant and cable

The problem of connection of small sized electric power cables or fire redundant cables like Topsolar cable, to main power cables with much bigger cross section was solved by Jera line, in one-piece product ZOP-300. Originally, that problem came from electrical network distribution; however exist in connections of photovoltaic networks, in solar power plants (photovoltaic power generation).

Our new insulation piercing connector ZOP-300, other called Solar Photovoltaic Connector ZOP-300 can be applied on unique sizes of power cables: 4-35 smq for branch and 95-300 smq for main conductors. Low input resistance loss was done by special teeth configuration, applied for CU/AL, AL/AL, CU/CU connections.

Jera’s ZOP-300 connector is used on lines up to 1500Vac (1500 V), of fire redundant cables with insulation thickness up to 4 mm. One-piece format, provides competitive price, because no additional connectors required for installation.

As an insulation piercing connector manufacturer, and we are eager to offer you the most effective products range compared to other cable connector manufactures. Help you to save your cost on electrical network construction.

Please find more details about this new insulation piercing connector ZOP-300 with application areas:


1. Solar power cable for photovoltaic power generation
2. Photovoltaic networks.
3. Power distribution networks
4. Power cable joints and distribution boxes

!Insulation piercing connector ZOP-300



Post time: Apr-09-2019
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