Insulation piercing connector, high quality approval

Glad to inform that our low voltage insulation piercing connector ZOP-57 (25-95/25-150) was successfully tested by 3rd party laboratory according to CENELEC EN 50483:2009 standard.

Considered to be the high quality leveled test for this moment, they correspond do top A1 quality of European electrical standard. Which used by the laboratories of Niled, Sicame, Ensto.

Independent approval of quality of insulation piercing connectors is very important for us.

And give our customers quality confidence for insulation piercing connector range and other low voltage ABC cable accessories produced by Jera line.

As an insulation piercing connector manufacturer, we use same standard test criteria in mass production, and inspect products in our laboratory.

Welcome to have more details regarding insulation piercing connector ZOP-57.


Post time: Apr-10-2019
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