Jera line’s fiber management solution to reduce costs

Jera line has started to build an complete set of fiber to the home (FTTH) products developed for country and suburban areas of fiber optic cable deployment.
To assist low and medium density subscribers we have to offer products of high level of flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use to accomplish the deploying of fiber in rural areas.
Speed of network expand and lack of well trained staff continue to be a challenge for fiber cable deployment operator. By using plug-and-play technology it is possible to decrease time spent on deployment and reduce inventory cost.
One of this product is our new fiber optic distribution box FODB-8, which is made by using gel sealing technology, composed of eight interchangeable and wrap around cold-seal segments that are field and guarantee needed IP-68.
FODB-8 application save an estimated 30 percent in equipment costs and installation time in FTTH distribution network compared to other analogs and challenging environments, and weather conditions will not damage the duration life of product.
Our aim is to achieve the FTTH products to help you to
• Receive a high quality and high performance products
• Increase the speed of your installation works
• Reduce the total deployment costs
Constantly expanding the product range of products for country and suburban areas of fiber optic cable deployment we wish to build long-term successful business to business.


Post time: Jul-02-2019
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