New Indoor FODB for FTTH deployment

Jera has researched plenty of designs of fiber optic distribution boxes, we offer the most convenient and cost efficient boxes for FTTX solution. We have launched a production of indoor fiber optic distribution box for our customers.

This box was designed to terminate feeding transit optical cable and connect last mile cables as fiber optical patch cords according to capacity of distribution box through splitters.

Key Features:
1.Compact size
2.Cable optical installation
3.Fiber optical splitter or cassette splitter installation
4.IP 54 protection
5.2 cable inputs and 8 outputs ports
6.Quick and easy access for further drop cable
7.Screw bolt locking system
8.Heat tube splicing of input cable
9.Competitive price

Jera line produces FTTH fiber optic distribution boxes, FTTH drop cable, clamps and brackets for indoor fiber cable deployment.

Feel free to inquire about this indoor fiber cable box price.

Find more information about the boxes here.


Post time: Jan-08-2020
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