ODWAC drop wire clamp, breaks 2 million record!

Fiber drop wire clamp ODWAC-22 was the most popular model from drop wire clamps, used for ftth drop cable in 2018. We produced over 2 million of ODWAC-22 for our customers. In 2019 we plan to increase the production of fiber drop cable and offer it together with clamp ODWAC seria drop clamp. ODWAC-22 clamp is most confident solution for ftth fiber optic drop cable.

Key Features:
1. Sufficient mechanical loads for ftth drop cable
2. Used for Telephone drop wire as well
3. Equipped with perforated shim, which increase the tension load on drop wire
4. Unique design
5. Excellent Environmental Stability
6. Stainless steel corrosion resistance
7. Competitive price
8. Perfect to use with YK-04, YK-01 FTTH hooks
Application areas:
1. Fiber to the point (FTTX)
2. Fiber to the home (FTTH)
3. Passive optical networks(PON)
Technical specification:

Product code

Cable size



6 x 13


Jera is a confident ftth cable factory. Among the few of factories, we produce fiber drop cable as well to fiber optic cable clamp and can offer you those FTTH products with competitive price, quality and service.
Feel free to inquire about ODWAC drop wire clamp price, and related fiber cable clamp.


Post time: Jan-08-2019
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