Optical vortex for communications

Scientists are searching for ways to improve optical communications, because Internet traffic has been increasing rapidly in digital era.

The researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology produced a module based on the optical vortex property. This is crucial for improving optical networks, and communications systems because they can service the demands of next century.

Current technology of Multiplexing (packing multiple signals into a single signal that can be sent through optical fiber) to achieve speeds of over 100 gbits/s through optical fiber cable networks. Its limited. The optical vortex transports the angular momentum of light and can be used to multiplex signals by assigning each signal to a light wave of different momentum.

The waveguides of optical-vortex generator were made of silicon and measured a few micrometers. Made-up (a,d) component services the “optical vortex” (property of light) to transmit/receive multiple signals at the same time through a shared optical medium. Optical light wave with different vortexes are created by a mixture of a coupler (b) and an optical-vortex maker (c).

The application of the optical vortex for signal multiplexing represents untapped territory with great potential. Light will bring us forward in our digital era.


News Source: http://www.titech.ac.jp/


Post time: Mar-09-2019
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