Russia and USA’s cable system for light signal transmitting

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have partnered up with engineers from Corning Inc., U.S., and T8, Russia, and developed a system for high-throughput data transfer over great distances without the need for signal repeating along the way. Systems of this kind could be used to provide internet connection and other communication services in remote communities.

To make long-haul data transmission cheaper, engineers came up with fiber optic systems that amplify the signal along the link without the need for electrical power sources. The transmission line comprised three sections, each consisting of fiber optic cables of two types connected in series. Remote optically pumped erbium amplifiers (ROPA) were installed at the points of junction between the sections. ROPAs consume optical pump and use this energy to amplify signal.

The results achieved by the researchers can already be employed to provide communication services in sparsely populated areas, such as the Russian island Sakhalin.


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Post time: Dec-18-2019
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