Strain clamp, low price design

We are happy to inform that we’ve tried to solved the problem of cost efficiency for anchor clamp with high mechanical load. Here we introduce our new cable clamp which can be used both with fiber optic cable, and low voltage cable.
As a cable clamp factory, and we are eager to offer you the most effective products range of strain clamp, anchor clamp, figure 8 cable clamps, from the view of quality and price.
Please find more details about this new anchor clamp.
Key Features:
1. Overhead appliance for both Fiber optic cable and Low voltage ABC cables
2. Universal closed / open hook installation
3. Self-adjusting wedges, no tool required
4. Aluminum alloy cast body provides excellent mechanical strength.
5. Anti-drop off design
6. No cable jacket damages
7. Excellent Environmental Stability
8. Competitive price
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Post time: Apr-08-2019
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