Strain Clamp PA-3000-We Jera have launched a new product

We Jera have finished with the new product used for tension of overhead fiber optic cable, named PA-3000.

Anchoring clamp PA-3000 is self-adjusting, designed to tension ADSS optical fiber cable on overhead telecommunication lines.

The ADSS tension clamp consists of self-adjusting plastic wedges, which clamp the optical cable without damaging. Wide range of gripping capacities archived by different types of wedges ADSS anchor clamp.

The stainless steel bail allows installations of clamps on a pole brackets or hooks at seaside areas.

ADSS tension clamp PA-3000 available either separately or together as assembly with ADSS FO cable brackets and stainless steel band.

anchor clmap PA-3000 (5)

Post time: Nov-25-2017
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