Suspension bracket for OHL cable

After research that we’ve made its became obvious that some cables and FTTH projects do not requires huge mechanical loads, because cables are light weight, having more density value. That’s why bracket JS-1500  fully correspond to this requirement. In addition it has lower material consumption, which reflect on price reduce.

Our new cable suspension bracket applied in both overhead solutions with electric power cable and fiber optic cable. Overhead line pole bracket JS-1500 applied with suspension cable clamps, as well to helical wire guy grips.

Jera line produces various suspension cable brackets for our customer to satisfy their different demands. Such as FTTH fiber optic, drop wire clamps, hooks for FTTH construction, and has the whole kit of accessories for this need. FTTH clamps and others drop wire cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.

Feel free to inquire about this suspension cable bracket price.

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Preformed guy grip bracket

Post time: Nov-25-2019
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