Universal FTTH fiber optic distribution box

Jera is a growing and innovative company, while we providing customers with reliable products, we also spend much time and energy to develop new products to accord with the market and satisfy customer’s different requirements.

We offer the most convenient and efficient boxes to our customers, and recently we developed a multifunctional splice tray which can used together with fiber optic distribution box FODB-8A for now universal  configuration of splicing in market, such as  SC/UPC or SC/APC Adapters; 1X8 or 1X4 PLC cassette splitters ;1X8 or 1X4 Mini cassette splitters and  1X4 or 1×4 Mini module block less PLC splitter.

For the SC/UPC or SC/APC Adapters, we also developed a adapter plate to hold adapters, it also can be dropped then the product can be used with cassette splitter. This multifunctional splice tray can provide different options for our customer and save their cost in FTTX network construction.

Welcome to contact us about details of our new FTTH fiber optic distribution box FODB-8A.




Post time: Apr-07-2020
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