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  • 5G network can pause Wi-Fi era
    Post time: 01-10-2019

    Long time, the speed of data transfer via Wi-Fi was higher than when using a mobile connection. This is why all smartphones have the ability to automatically switch to Wi-Fi if there is an available Wi-Fi signal next to the device. However, the British company OpenSignal, specializing in assessin...Read more »

  • ODWAC drop wire clamp, breaks 2 million record!
    Post time: 01-08-2019

    Fiber drop wire clamp ODWAC-22 was the most popular model from drop wire clamps, used for ftth drop cable in 2018. We produced over 2 million of ODWAC-22 for our customers. In 2019 we plan to increase the production of fiber drop cable and offer it together with clamp ODWAC seria drop clamp. ODWA...Read more »

  • FTTH box bracket for repeat installation
    Post time: 01-07-2019

    Installation bracket DZ-8 for fiber distribution box was developed for pole or wall installation. Unique design of bracket for mentioned fiber cable box allows usage in outdoor or indoor. Key Features: 1. Fiber optic box confident joint 2. Repeated installation 3. Quick and easy removable jointin...Read more »

  • China will dominate the US in fibre technology of broadband race
    Post time: 01-04-2019

    China will dominate the US in gigabit broadband race. US is also behind the Europe. A new research from Rethink Technology expects 57% of gigabit fiber networks by 2023 will be in China, or 68 % if count an Asia in total. 18% will be taken by Europe. 11% by North America and 3% for Latin America....Read more »

  • Drop wire clamp, less installation costs in FTTH
    Post time: 12-26-2018

    We have launched a production of a new drop wire clamp for  FTTH fiber optic cable  to save your costs in FTTH cable installation. FTTH drop wire clamp D3 other called FTTH clamp designed to tension or suspension FTTH fiber cable in outdoor fiber to the home solutions. Key Features: 1. Universa...Read more »

  • Quantum qubits through optical fibers
    Post time: 12-25-2018

    Photons can be used for transmitting the information through optical fibers in telecommunications systems. Photons with organized quantum properties can also go via same fiber optic cable channels without losing their characteristics. Other approaches to quantum computing use ions, atoms, or othe...Read more »

  • Optical quantum computing
    Post time: 12-24-2018

    The researchers’ innovative experimental setup involved operating on photons contained within a single fiber-optic cable. This provided stability and control for operations producing entangled photons, shown separated at top and intertwined at bottom after operations performed by the processor (m...Read more »

  • Cuba to begin full internet access
    Post time: 12-14-2018

    Tuesday night, Mayra Arevich, president of the Cuban state telecom monopoly ETECSA, announced that its citizens will be provided by full internet access for cell phones. Cuba becoming one of the last nations to offer such service. Mayra Arevich went on national television to say Cubans can begin ...Read more »

  • Small cable firms want Comcast investigated for anti-trust violations
    Post time: 12-12-2018

    A group representing small fiber optic cable supply firms want Comcast investigated over allegations it’s abusing its power within the industry. The American Cable Association (ACA) represents over 700 small and medium-sized cable operators. ACA has called on US Assistant Attorney General Makan D...Read more »

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