OHL Turnbuckle

Product information:

Turnbuckles installed with OHL electrical or fiber optic cable  line to carry tension clamp or suspension clamps, helical guy grips.

Key features:

1. Turnbuckles are  made of hot dip galvanized steel, developed to use with spiral hooks, hook brackets, brackets.

2. Can be supplied with closed eyes or open hooks, have an adjustable length and very easy in tension the LV ABC line.

3. The whole LVABC hardware assembly have passed the voltage tests, tension test.

 Technical specification:

Product code MBL, kN Weight, kg
DIN 1480 M8 Hook-Eye 3.6 0.090
DIN 1480 M10 Hook-Eye 5.3 0.170
DIN 1480 M12 Hook-Eye 7 0.310
DIN 1480 M14 Hook-Eye 10 0.610
DIN 1480 M16 Hook-Eye 13 0.750
T-30-01 30 1.030

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