Parallel Groove Clamp AL-16-120-2S

Product information:

Parallel groove clamps (PG clamps) were designed to connect two parallel bare aluminum and bare copper conductors in low voltage cable lines, service line system, street lightning and buildings.

Following LV ABC Groove clamps are made of high strength corrosion resistant extruded aluminum alloy, galvanized steel bots, nuts, spring washers.

Intended to used on aluminum conductors. However, if required, can be covered by tin, in order to have contact with both copper and aluminum conductors.


Technical speficication:


Product codes

Main line, mm2

Branch line, mm2


AL 16-120-2S

AL 16 – 120

AL 16 – 70


AL 16-120-2ST

AL(CU) 16 – 120

AL (CU) 16 – 120


Jera produce PG clamps with more appropriate size of groove, which exactly match the cable. Extended space of contact decrease the resistance between two cables.

Jera’s product range of PG clamps is constantly expanding, welcome to contact us!

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