Pigtail hook H-20

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Jera has developed a wide range of pole line fittings for overhead lines, both, electrical transmission and internet poles. To suspend or tension cable, some of the critical for line hardware are breaking strength and surface treatment. The proper ones guarantee duration of usage of overhead distribution line.

LV ABC hook H-20 is made of hot dip galvanized high strength steel, what eliminates of risk of tension failure during usage of network.


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Pigtail end form of hook (also called ABC hook) guarantee the absence of strain or suspension clamp’s failure during wind and vibrations.

Pole hardware is used with concrete or wooden poles, at the ends of bolts either with low voltage, medium, high voltage cable fittings or with optic fiber cable accessories. All the mentioned range of line accessories are available for order. The assembly of bolt-hook, tension pigtail hook, suspension clamp had passed corrosion resistance test and tension test.

Jera’s product range of overhead line hardware is constantly expanding.

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