Pre-insulated Bimetal Sleeve Connector MJPB

Product information:

Waterproof pre-insulated compression connectors MJPB used to joint LV-ABC cables in electrical distribution with insulated conductors, suitable for insulated aluminum or copper conductors in installation of service line system, street lightning, buildings.

Key features: 

1. Work of electrical contact achieved by crimping process, when the specified sized cables were stripped and inserted up to the end from each side of connector.

2. Low voltage insulated sleeve is made of aluminum, which filled with lubricate.

3. Insulation body of connector is made of weather and UV resistant plastic

4. Each pre-insulated sleeve marked by letters and color cap according to applicable size.

5. These LV-ABC accessories passed 6KV under water tests, conform to standard EN 50483-4 , NFC 33-021

Technical specification:


Product code  Conductor A, mm2  Conductor B, mm2  Lenght L,mm  Plastic Sleeve  Diameter C,mm  Ring color
 MJPT 16/16 16 16 72,5 20 Blue
 MJPT 25/25 25 25 98,5 20 Orange
MJPT 35/35 35 35 98,5 20 Red
MJPT 50/50 50 50 98,5 20 Yellow
MJPT 70/70 70 70 98,5 20 White
MJPT 95/95 95 95 98,5 20 Gray


1. Choose the pre-Insulated Sleeve according to the cable size and connector marking.

2. Strip the insulation of cable.

3. Plug the cable into connector, up to the ends form each sides.

4. Crimp the connector from the end with the special tool, according to its size.

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