Electrical Distribution Accessories

Jera’s electrical connection systems are developed to improve the reliability, performance, cost saving of all power distribution network.

Jera offers uniform cable products which fit to different low and medium voltage connection systems on the base of bare or insulated conductors, over ground (overhead) and underground applications.

Product range of electrical distribution includes:

* Low Voltage ABC accessories which applied in Low voltage overhead line solutions for various Low Voltage ABC (Aerial Bundled Cable).
* Medium and High voltage cable accessories which applied in Medium voltage overhead line solutions
Jera exports the solutions and confident product package to meet various requirements of customers: areas of usage, temperature, pollution, humidity and other climatic and geographic conditions, well performance and cost saving.

A wide range of LV ABC accessories and Medium voltage accessories such as bolted connectors, bolted cable lugs, repair sleeves , anchoring and suspension clamps, suspension fittings for MV lines, socket clevis and straight shackles, ball eye clevis, service clamps for LV-ABC lines, airdac clamps, insulation piercing connectors, wedge connectors, groove connectors, crimping connectors and lugs, stainless steel straps, buckles and protection devices, pulling equipment for low voltage ABC lines, pole accessories etc fully satisfy the demand of reliable product package of our customers.

All of them have been tested with the collaboration of electricity companies in order to satisfy the local requirements and national standards of our customers.

Each day we are improving our accessories to achieve new challenges of global electrical distributing market.

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