Bolted aluminium lugs

Jera line fitting co., ltd is manufacturer of CLB cable lugs for power cables and overhead lines.
Our mechanical bolted cable lugs (other called lugs connectors) were developed for electrical distribution on the power lines of 1-36 kV.

Bolted cable lugs are suitable for aluminum and copper and copper cables, of different sizes and different wiring structures like stranded conductor, solid, round, with cable conductor sizes 4 to 300 mm2.

Jera has studied a huge variety of low, medium and high voltage cable joints, and with different assemblies and method of work. We have implemented the most suitable cable jointing accessories for the purpose of termination and connection of transmission lines. The area of usage: commodities, industrial construction, subway, railway lines, electrical terminations boxes and cabinets, underground cable closures.

We produce shear head cable lugs from high strength, corrosion resistant aluminum materials, with tin plating. Double torque zones of aluminum bolts guarantee confident electrical connection for different diameters of cables, and absence of critical resistance.
All the electrical cable lugs were tested according to national and EN 50483 test requirements.

Welcome to contact us to have more details, we would like to offer you most completed product range of mechanical aluminum cable lugs.
We focus on client and aluminum cable lugs can be modified according to your requirements to make your electrical distribution connection more reliable.

Shear head bolt cable lugs

Low voltage shear head cable lugs for electric power lines up to 1 kV has no requirements for the specialized compression tool. All the needed tension torque achieved using simple hex key, which tighten the bolt. The shear bolt of cable lug has indicated shear torque, and shears off when needed torque reached.
We put great emphasis on the materials, technology and bolt – lug compliance in case of thread quality. Jera produces the low voltage shear head bolt cable lugs form high strength aluminum materials with 100% QC during the phase of production by forging. Inner jointing gease guarantee suitable contact.
All the shear bolt cable lugs are suitable for aluminum and copper cables, stranded shaped, circular, and solid. According to your request we can do lug with tin-plating.
The sizes cable lugs are applicable for 10-25 / 25-50 / 70-120 / 120-240 mm2 conductors.
The area of application is wide starting form low voltage overhead lines and finishing by buildings and underground networks.

Application: chosen the needed bolted lug type, according to conductor’s size, please shear off the cable cover at needed distance. Input cable conductor inside the cable lug. Tight the shear bolt screw nearest insulation. Then tighten until all hats of shear bolt will be broken.

Pre-insulated lug

Waterproof pre-insulated compression bimetal lugs are used to attach LV-ABC cable to electrical devices or equipments in electrical distribution on the base of self-supporting cable system
Pre-insulated lugs (CPTAU) are applicable for LV-ABC lines with insulated conductors, suitable for insulated aluminum conductors in installation of service line system, street lightning, buildings.
Work of electrical contact achieved by crimping process, when the specified sized cable was stripped and inserted up to the end of lug.
These LV-ABC connectors have bimetallic structure: inner part is made of copper, sleeve is made of aluminum. Copper part (palm) can be tinned according to request. Inner aluminum palm filled with lubricate. Insulation body of lug is made of weather and UV resistant plastic
Each pre-insulated bimetal lug marked by letters and color cap according to applicable size.
These LV-ABC accessories passed 6KV under water tests, conform to standard EN 50483-4 , NFC 33-021

Choose the pre-insulated lug according to the cable size and lug’s marking. Strip the insulation of cable on the length of insertion in the bimetal lug. Plug the cable into lug, up to the end. Crimp the lug with the special tool, according to its size.

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