Insulated piercing connectors

Insulation piercing connectors for aluminum or copper main or branch conductors were developed to use as low voltage cable accessories of aerial bundled conductors in electrical distribution.

Modern installation of low voltage insulated overhead lines cannot be proceed without weatherproof cable connectors.

Waterproof Insulation piercing connectors are very fast and easy in installation as cable accessories in LV-ABC lines, service line system, street lightning and buildings.

The following IPC are applicable for all types of LV-ABC cables:

* LV-ABC line with bare neutral messenger wire
* LV-ABC line with insulated neutral messenger wire
* The self-supporting cable system
All the connectors conform to the standards NFC 33020, CENELEC 50483 4 class 1.

Passed the voltage withstand underwater bath tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, corrosion resistance test etc.

Insulation materials are made of weather and UV resistant polymer. The teeth of contact plates are made of tinned copper or aluminum. Insulation piercing clamp’s body is made of UV resistant and fiberglass reinforced nylon.


When tightening the bolt, the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation and establish a perfect contact. The bolts are tightened until the heads shear off. Stripping of insulation is avoided. Potential free tightening bolts allow safe installations on life lines Suitable for aluminum and copper conductors.

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