Parallel groove clamps

Parallel groove clamps (PG clamps) are applicable for LV-ABC lines with bare neutral messenger wire, along with this they are used in grounding.

Parallel groove clamps or parallel groove connectors were developed to connect two bare aluminum, aluminum steel reinforced, copper conductors, in low voltage cable lines, service line system, street lightning and buildings.

Parallel groove clamps are designed to prevent mechanical pullout of conductor, to resist corrosion and bimetallic electrochemical reactions. This, achieved by special clamps’ shape, high strength corrosion resistant aluminum allow materials, galvanized steel bots, nuts and spring washers. Branch channel is compressed by bimetallic plate to ensure electrical contact and decrease the contact resistance during application of different material bare conductors.

Parallel groove clamps pass the voltage tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, corrosion resistance test.


PG clamps are very fast and easy in installation as cable accessories. When tightening the bolt, the contact plates pressure the bare conductor and establish a perfect electrical contact. The bolts are tightened until needed force will be reached.

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